‘Get Out’ and Getting Off: How Comedy and Horror Coincide in Popular Culture

Louis C.K. - comedy and horror

On Tuesday, news came to light that Get Out would compete as a comedy in the 2018 Golden Globes. As the directorial debut of comedian Jordan Peele, the horror film is largely devoid of comic moments. However, the recent news emphasizes the overlap in comedy and horror. How does the final punchline from Lil Rel—”I told you not to go in that house”—fit so well in a gory final showdown?

Earlier this month, the New York Times published the testimonies of five women accusing Louis C.K. of proposed or realized sexual misconduct. Louis C.K. then confirmed the allegations in a statement less than 24 hours later. However, the archives of his stand up comedy act as somewhat of an evidence reel. The uncanny resemblance between his jokes and his offenses raises the question: can you be whole and humorous? Or do all things funny come from a place of fear?

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Yoga Free Trial Challenge, Flow #2: L Train Lessons

My Yoga Green Book record has been a little spotty in the past few days. I contemplated deleting the previous posts in the yoga series and acting like nothing happened—a tried-and-true tactic in my 22 years of being EXTRA. However, I found some inspiration to keep on trucking during my daily commute.

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Yoga Green Book: Free Trial Challenge, Flow #1

Yoga Green Book

On Saturday, I began a month-long free trial of Yoga Green Book. So far, each new yoga lesson has brought an important life lesson along with it.

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Full Moon in Taurus: The Yoga Free Trial Challenge


There’s a yoga poster on the wall in my bedroom, left behind by it’s last tenant. I never bothered to take it down or even look at it until very recently. I moved into this apartment at the beginning of July, and I didn’t want to make it mine in any way. Partly because it’s a sublet, which by definition is not mine. But then on a deeper level, I wanted to believe this was all temporary. That’s what I had to believe. When I moved in four months ago, without a job or a clue where to go next, I was sure one thing only: I didn’t like where I was. Theoretically I knew I wouldn’t be jobless forever, but at that point it was difficult to see the theoretical.

Now it’s November and I am somewhere else, though I sit and sleep in the same sublet. As funny as it is to say, I think I’ve changed a lot since living here. Maybe even grown. 

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Seeing Through the Fog: Seasonal Affective Disorder


Photo by: Matthew Henry

Halloween is one of those things that I’ve pretended to like because everyone else does. It excels as a reason to go out in clothes that defy the weather and your better judgment. But beyond that, the holiday is objectively terrible. It’s cold, for one. The sun is out, but you’re not getting anything from it. You might catch a few rays at lunch, but certainly not enough to download sufficient vitamins, or whatever.  And by the time you head home, there’s not a trace of light left.

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There’s No Place Like Now

Horoscope for Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017

Scheduling your activities carefully so you can meet all your commitments is a smart strategy. But you could add so much structure to your day that you’re constantly thinking about what you need to do next, rather than being present in the moment…


Last Thursday, under a new moon in my 2nd house of income and resources, I signed a contract for an ad-agency internship in Manhattan! Today is my first day, and I couldn’t be more excited. But not in the giddy way of kid on their first day of grade school. I’m all grown up now!

Okay, hardly. But I’ll admit, I feel uncharacteristically mellow for such a momentous occasion. My heartbeat is steady. My breath is measured. I started this morning like any other. It just feels like I’m right where I’m supposed to be. The unfamiliar sense of certainty is exhilarating in and of itself.

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New Moon in Libra: Day 1 of Cuffing Season


As a Leo, I might spend my entire life adjusting to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around me. But in the meantime, I’d like to break down my astro-fever into transmittable germs of wisdom.

Today, I present to you a post-college course of my own design:

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My Little Pony Characters as Signs of the Zodiac

In early August, I began a contract job as a copywriter for Costume Supercenter, an online Halloween costume retailer. Along the way, I’ve grown a fondness for copywriting and inched closer to deciding on a career path that is right for me. Best of all, I’ve been catching up with what the tweens of tomorrow are watching today.

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