My name is Vivi Hyacinthe, and I call myself a writer—with hesitation. I live in Brooklyn, New York and work as a part-time copywriter for a digital media agency. I started this blog in June of 2017, just a few weeks after graduating from college. Looking back, I guess I should have started it sooner. Life is full of “should haves”…

Now back to that hesitation. Life thus far has been full of those, too: moments in which you pause to gather breath for a dive that never happens. Instead you stand on the precipice and stare into something unfamiliar. Not threatening, just new.

But therein lies the threat. A challenge to your belief in your own perfection. If you try something new, it might not work out for you. You might not be good at it. You could make a mistake and, well—we can’t have that happen, can we?

Does that sound arrogant? Well, it is. And it’s you.

At some point in your life, you have acted on the belief that you are invulnerable. Every time you edit the bloopers out of your life for a prime tweet or sick post. Every time you ask someone how they’re doing and learn nothing new about them. You get an answer, but all you hear is more gaps to mend in yourself. But you’ll never get to. Not while you’re pouring all of your energy into landing each flip in life’s routine with not even a hair out of place.


What’s in a name?

My given name is Laviela, but I go by Vivi for short. The nickname is cute, and symmetrical, and rhymes with many other words. But the name Vivi has no meaning. Other than, “This stands in the place of something too difficult to pronounce.”

Laviela has meaning. Or, la vie est là, if you will. My name is French for ‘life is here.’ I know, it’s beautiful. It used to embarrass me because I didn’t think it fit well. The meaning is so wholesome, and beautiful, and optimistic. I used to consider myself none of those things. But I’m starting to grow into it.

My name is my greatest comfort, and most prized possession. It reminds me to keep moving forward when things get tough. To keep moving forward because things are tough. Life is here. And now. It’s more than victory or the finish line. It’s tripping and falling and getting back up in your lane, only to veer off-course a few yards down. Life is more than a photo finish. It’s all the outtakes that came before it. It’s everything but the endgame.

Life is full of mistakes. So why are we afraid of living them out loud?

About the Blog:

I started this blog in June of 2017 upon graduating from college without a job lined up. I wasn’t sure of what to do next. So I started to write about it.

According to the internet, one should start a blog on a topic in which they are an expert. I didn’t want to be an expert in being unemployed. At least, not forever. And as of October, I have a job! So it’s time for a rebrand.

I’m 22.  So I’m not an expert in much of anything—except mistakes. 

So, that’s what this blog is about: mistakes! Making them. Living with them. Learning from them. Reframing them into something you can work with. You don’t have to wait until you get to the top of the mountain before relishing in the view. This blog is a space for me to live out my mistakes and learn from them. Along the way, I hope to convince people that it’s okay to be afraid. Imperfect. Uncertain. I want to

The domain of this blog is based on astrology—lion=leo, get it? On the loose=without a job. Haha! But I’m not an expert in horoscopes, nor do I plan to blog about them forever. In fact, I’m starting to outgrow them, as my fascination with the stars is replaced by faith in myself.

Um, about me?

So, this page didn’t do a very good job of telling you about me. But this blog often says a lot more than you need to know, and you already know the important stuff. I like Avatar—not the blue people. I like horoscopes. I make vague metaphors that miiiight trick you into thinking I know a damn thing about sports.

I don’t care much about sports. But that doesn’t mean I won’t ever write about them! I know little about life, but that won’t stop me from sharing it with others. I hope I convince you to share yours too, with all its flaws. Because the come-up doesn’t come along every day. So what’s left to do but enjoy it while you’re here?