Full Moon in Aries

📸: Andrea Reiman<<<

There’s never a bad day in horoscopes.

When astrologers read and interpret planetary aspects, the harshest word they can come up with is, well, “harsh.” For example, on Sunday, October 8th, Venus will form a “harsh square” to Saturn, which will supposedly spark conflict between my financial and social lives. But let’s be real—when are those two ever NOT fighting?

To appraise your luck in the areas of love, career, money, mood, and health, Horoscope.com uses a 5-star system that never dips below 2. Meanwhile, Café Astrology rates three areas of your life in nothing but pleasantries: fair, good, excellent. Though the word choice has good intentions, it imparts a bleak sentiment: even the darkest of  days is only…fair? That doesn’t seem right. But if you tilt your head just right and squint long enough, it can be viewed as optimistic, and even encouraging.

I love a good rebrand!

When it comes to finding your place in the world, life is only fair. In creativity, business, love, health, mood, and money—you get what you give. When you recognize your own value and pour it into something, you’ll see it reflected back to you. The tough part is recognizing what you have to give.

That’s no simple summer project—it’s a lifelong commitment. A to-do list that never runs dry. The prospect of such a laborious process can be terrifying. But it’s even more terrifying to see benevolence question its strength and purpose, while hate stands unwavering and obstinate.

You don’t need violence or fear to muster up that same sense of certainty. A strong sense of purpose will do just fine instead. From where we’re standing as a nation today, living boldly and loving fiercely are acts of courage.

Astro-Alert: Full Moon in Aries

As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries exudes confidence and drive. It’s a cardinal sign, meaning that it rings in the new season (spring). Furthermore, it’s a fire sign, which I daresay are the best signs around. Fire spreads fast, and its energy is contagious.

A full moon in Aries is the perfect time to have faith in your own talents and worth. When left unchecked, anxiety and self-doubt can trap us in negativity and uncertainty. We become so fixated with what can go wrong that we forget our own agency. Those undesirable outcomes only have power if we give into them. Before that, we have the power to make things go right.

The best way to beat worry is to live in the moment, instead of trying to outrun it.

I plan on taking my own advice. I’m in Miami for the weekend, and no horoscopes or deadlines are getting in between me and my first Carnival experience. (My bank account doesn’t know this yet, but this weekend is a test run for Trinidad 2019 🙃)

When I get back next week, I’ll be trying some Halloween-themed content on for size. Until then, keep up with my Miami madness on Instagram and Twitter.

Before you go…

It’s time for some unsolicited advice—this Leo’s favorite pastime!

In honor of the Aries full moon, do something good for yourself that terrifies you. Start a new side hustle. Make the first move.  Slide into those LinkedIn DMs (that job title though😍😍😍). Whatever it may be—the first step is definitely the hardest. But it’s also the one you have complete control over. So start today. You have value. Believe in it.