Astro-Syllabus, Week Two: Relaunch

According to several of my trusted reports, there was very little astrological movement last week. The main event was that the sun is still in Cancer, my twelfth house of self-reflection.  This correlated with a rather life-changing transformation of thought, facilitated by both self-reflection and inspiration from role models. Is there another word for binge-listening to podcasts?

If you can think of one, let me know. But in the meantime, let’s dig in!

Week of July 10-17:

Last Monday’s horoscope from CafeAstrology encouraged me to revisit “something I previously thought was complete.” Using this as inspiration, I installed the Yoast SEO plug-in for WordPress and edited a few of my previous posts to improve readability and search-engine optimization. This is the first full post I’ve written since its installation. Though I first wrote it in a Word document, I was already able to decrease my use of passive voice and long sentences by keeping a few of Yoast’s helpful hints in mind.

Later in the week, I thought about ways I could draw inspiration from the world around me and adapt traits from role models in a wide array of departments. This is where the podcast-binging came in. As I was doing research and trying to expand my Instagram network, I came across an incredible blog and podcast by young professionals for young professionals.

A Rave and Review:

Hosted twice monthly by Joymarie Parker and Cortney Cleveland, Joblogues interviews guests from a multitude of careers, ranging from creative to corporate to unique combinations of the two. Listeners can tune into success stories and instrumental tips from a PR maven in one episode and a parole officer/event planner in the next. These conversations shed light into what it looks like on the other side of pursuing or developing a career.

While listening to life lessons and work wisdom from corporate rockstars and self-made entrepreneurs, I also learned the importance of a positive mindset. You can’t get to where you want to be without accepting where you are and making the most of it. I took a more proactive approach to life in the interim, and started looking for tutoring gigs. I’ve been working with my first client since Wednesday, and it has been a lot of fun! It brings me back to my RA days, which I’m already beginning to miss. Graduating college is basically demonstrating and developing your strengths in a new format or setting.

Life Lessons Learned:

By and large, adopting a positive mindset has drastically improved my world view and productive output! In the past twelve hours alone, I’ve seen dramatic improvement in my life by proactively addressing a problem. For example, I left my apartment this morning in a state of defeat. I had gone up against two spiders hanging in the corner of my bathroom, and lost dramatically. You can catch up on the saga in select tweets below:

Needless to say, I felt pretty beaten up as I left home today–in more ways than one. But on the way back, I listened to an influential minisode of Joblogues titled ‘The Misery Mindset,’ and it changed my outlook on the situation. I was no longer content with letting life happen to me; it was time to take action and affect change. I stormed the bathroom and took the final spider by surprise. It very nearly survived by relocating to the door, but I didn’t hesitate to get the job done.

And there you have it. In just twelve short hours, the implementation of one tidbit of advice drastically improved my living situation. The victory prompted me to realize that I have complete control over my current situation. In following the theme of my first post, I have settled into the fact that I can now write my own script for life. With this freedom comes the responsibility to hold myself accountable for reaching my goals—and reevaluate them when necessary.

Here’s where the post title comes in:

I’ve decided to bump down to two posts a week so I can devote more time to job applications and skill development. While I love producing new content, writing three posts a week hasn’t allowed enough time for other priorities. I’m also aware of the fact that my best work happens when I don’t try to come up with ideas or content, and just let things happen naturally.

At this point in our lives, it’s necessary to revisit your plans and habits and acknowledge the flaws in them. It’s also perfectly okay to derive major life lessons from arachnid encounters. I want this blog to remain interesting and authentic, which means leaving room for a little bit of everything. Writing one less post a week will leave more time to practice copywriting, social media engagement and basic graphic design.

Long story short, horoscopes will likely continue to be a large part of this blog. I find them interesting, and I like writing about their role in my post-college life. Besides, I’ll definitely still be reading them so it’ll be easy and fun to turn that into creative output. But I also want to engage more of my interests, and practice writing in a number of formats: culture reviews and analysis, self-development, current events.

Insightful Conclusion:

The best part of being this young and clueless is that I don’t yet have to commit to being one thing for the rest of my life. And whether you’re reading this from an office desk or comfortable couch, it’s important to remember that neither do you!

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  1. Keeping a positive mindset can be very hard, but I am glad you were able to turn the incident with the spider around. You are also much more brave than I am, as I am terrified of spiders.

    Not related to this, but was it difficult creating a self-hosted site? I wanted to move mine, but got overwhelmed and quit when I tried last summer.

    1. Thank you! I’m definitely still terrified of them too, but hopefully they’ll hold less power of me from here on out. Lol

      Creating a self-hosted site was super easy with Bluehost! And moving a site looked pretty simple too; I think you just register the domain with BH from the get-go with a few simple steps.

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