My Little Pony Characters as Signs of the Zodiac

In early August, I began a contract job as a copywriter for Costume Supercenter, an online Halloween costume retailer. Along the way, I’ve grown a fondness for copywriting and inched closer to deciding on a career path that is right for me. Best of all, I’ve been catching up with what the tweens of tomorrow are watching today.

If, like me, you’re a twenty-something with close ties to a kinder-something, don’t sleep on the Halloween gift opportunity. For toddlers and tweens, trick-or-treat is just about the hottest event of the year. The sidewalk is a runway, and careful consideration of fashion is a must. You’re paying for clothes, but also buying a unique trick-or-treat experience, an adorable photo op, and major points with your hand-me-down auntie.

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On top of that, Halloween is a great way to get some gift shopping out of the way before the real budget crunching season hits. When you show up to the holidays with an empty wallet AND gift bag with a matching plate and stomach, your Halloween kindness will not yet be forgotten.

In a streamline effort to connect my writing gig to my writing hobby, I’ve created a list of the most popular My Little Pony characters and given them a zodiac sign.  I hope it’ll help you make an informed decision when shopping for your favorite little trick-or-treater!

1. Twilight Sparkle


It was once said of this character that she is more interested in books than friends. This was a dead giveaway of an earth sign in our midst. Twilight Sparkle is known for being rational and organized, and harbors a fondness for teaching and learning new things. She shares these qualities with Virgos, who take their time warming up to people but make reliable and selfless friends once they do. Get this costume for the fledgling bookworm in your life, or the responsible eldest child who gets hyped for doing chores like it’s a trip to the zoo.

Toddler My Little Pony: Twilight Sparkle Movie Costume

2. Rainbow Dash

Most of the screen grabs on this character’s Wiki page feature this riled-up expression:


Combine that with her intense passion for sport and competition, and you’ve got a classic Aries starter pack. Symbolized by the ram, Aries love to butt heads and win arguments, often of their own design. Aries is the kid that bolts up stairways and turns to look at you with a grin—before informing you of the competition.

Rainbow Dash Equestria Deluxe Costume

3. Princess Skystar


I won’t lie, this character is a little weird. But the good news is we all have knows (or been) a kid like this. Here’s a quote from the official character description:

Bubbly, chatty, curious and forever bored, young Princess Skystar passes the time in Sea-questria by making friends out of shells and giving them names like Shelly and Sheldon.

Not much else is needed to discern that this little pony is an air sign. Upon reading further, it became even clearer that Princess Skystar had to be the oddball of the zodiac: Aquarius. Their hobbies and interests are often very niche, and talking to oneself is almost a requirement. Even the name is a little off—Aquarius is often mislabeled as a water sign because, well…Aqua.

Desperate for new friends and adventures, Skystar is thrilled when the Mane 6 discover their world and is ultimately the only Hippogriff to help the Ponies in their quest.

The eleventh house of the zodiac governs groups, clubs, organizations—and is commonly referred to as the House of Friends. Aquarians are known for their value of and attention to friendship and humanitarian causes. This character is sure to find a kindred spirit in a child with a big heart and vivid imagination.

Kids My Little Pony: Princess Skystar Deluxe Costume

4. Pinkie Pie


As hard as I tried not to do that thing where I find a way to talk about myself, I couldn’t resist naming this little filly a Leo. The keywords on her Wiki page include: exuberance, cartoonish behavior, love of parties, and insecurity. These are the four basic tenets of the Leo personality. Leos love to be the center of attention and the life of the party. But…we…also have a tendency to blow things out of proportion, so if a Leo is in a bad mood—everyone knows it. When I read that this vibrant character spent an entire episode drawn in a gray, deflated state after a fight with a friend, I knew this match was a perfect fit.



Each member of the My Little Pony squad has a magical power of sorts. Pinkie Pie reigns over the element of laughter. Any child would feel right at home in the hooves of this fun-loving, goofy character.

Pinkie Pie Movie Costume

5. Tempest

When I first saw the headpiece on this costume, I assumed that the MLP universe had incorporated a goat into its character roster.

Kids My Little Pony: Tempest Costume Deluxe

That mix-up alone would have led me to name her a Capricorn or Aries, which both have goat-like animal signs. Upon completing some Wiki research, I reconsidered. I found myself captivated by Tempest’s riveting and emotional journey to self-acceptance. After losing her horn in a bear attack at a young age, she spent her childhood feeling ostracized by her friends. She then leaves her home…farm? looking for a sense of purpose and belonging. Spoiler alert: she finds it! It’s a children’s franchise, after all.

The key factor in this placement is her quest for revenge in My Little Pony the Movie. It also appears in the first chapter of the Scorpio playbook. After some bigshot Storm King breaks a promise to restore her horn, she risks her life to attack him. Scorpios don’t mess around when they’re not given what they are due. If the child in your life remembers exactly how much cash they got from you on your last visit and expects a matched or raised amount this year, this costume will fit them like a glove.

That concludes today’s mini-lesson on the zodiac and tour of Equestria. Which costume do you like the most? I personally wouldn’t mind rocking a Tempest look—the name and color scheme definitely speak to me. Check out the full MLP costume collection at!