New Moon in Libra: Day 1 of Cuffing Season


As a Leo, I might spend my entire life adjusting to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around me. But in the meantime, I’d like to break down my astro-fever into transmittable germs of wisdom.

Today, I present to you a post-college course of my own design:

Astrology 101

As Taught By Someone Who Doesn’t Know All That Much About It Either (Yet)

I’m still refining the title of this course—and the proper capitalization of the title. But that’s no reason to delay getting started!

For horoscope junkies, the moon holds special significance because as it cycles through the lunar phases, it brings focus to a different part of our lives each month. The full moon is a culmination of a lesson or plan that may have spent the past six months brewing. Two weeks later, the new moon introduces a new chapter. 

Today’s new moon in Libra opens a cycle that will remain open until the corresponding full moon in March 2018. Libra rules the seventh house of the zodiac, the House of Partnerships. It sheds light upon our expectations in partnerships of a legal, financial, or even adverse nature. However, it is most closely associated with the spouse or soulmate. 

So, there you have it: an astrological explanation for the craze of cuffing season. Now go get ’em! Or don’t. Follow your heart, even when it remains (metaphorically) still.

But first:

A Crucial Caveat

Before embarking on a new chapter, it’s important to note whether you have finished learning the lesson that the Aries full moon sought to drive home. Aries sits in the 1st House of Self, directly opposite Libra and the House of Partnerships. Nomenclature alone denotes a contrast between the two, but one should see them as two sides of the same coin. 

The zodiac works like a mirror. The whole frame is symmetrical, but each side is unique. If you try to copy one side and paste it over the other, you’ll end up with one of those creepy mirrored celebrity faces that were clickbait kryptonite in 2014.

Interesting how I remember a Buzzfeed article from my sophomore year of college, but not a single tidbit from any of my classes. But I digress.


Apply the totally rad! slider technology to your perspective on self-image and partnerships. You can try to stretch one side to fill the gaps left by the other, but you’ll be left with an eerie distortion that lacks life and luster. 


As you can see, all the time I wasted on Buzzfeed over the years has served me well! I hope this mini-lesson on the moon and the houses will spark something in you too. Perhaps a renewal of a commitment to self-love. A commitment to that special someone. An interest in astrology; a subscription to my personal brand of madness.

Throughout decades in school, we learned so much together. But the past six months have revealed how much we have to learn from each other. As we suppress our pain and shun our missteps in the search for direction, we neglect to see the value of the incomplete. We can be indefinite sources of comfort for each other. Insight is better digested when it is served without the alienating myth of mastery.

I’ll be heading to a friend’s birthday dinner soon, but in my head I’ll celebrating a birthday of my own! Leave it to a Leo to write-in a way to steal the spotlight. I earned money from a post for the first time on Tuesday, almost four months after kicking off this project in June. That means this blog is now a Libra! No offense to Geminis, but I’m super excited. I’ll finesse an astrological explanation for the shade next week! Until then, check out the money-maker here: My Little Pony Characters as Signs of the Zodiac