How Simone Biles’ Vacation Improved My Job Search


Last weekend, American gymnast Simone Biles shared a photo at the beach on her personal Instagram account. The post offers a glimpse into the personal life of a public figure, and shows a light-hearted side that her fans are lucky to see:

resting beach face 🐚

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HOWEVER, someone had the nerve to criticize her for being a real person! One Instagram user commented with an unnecessary observation about how Biles spends her time. After being called “trash” and a “sucky ass role model,” the Olympic gold medalist replied with an epic response. She later posted the exchange on Twitter, along with the offending commenter’s username…

Incredible, right?

In typical Leo fashion, I have found a way to relate this victory over internet trolls to my own life and personal dilemma. For starters, Biles’ response is utterly inspiring in its display of Pisces pettiness in peak form. “Too bad I can’t blur out this girl’s name so she doesn’t get her life WRECKED–oh well!” Like she has never created a drawing on Snapchat? A red line would probably have done the trick–though I shouldn’t underestimate internet fans and their dedication to their icons and the truth. In any case, the Instagram user has since made their account private.

With her epic exposure of a reckless hater, Biles proves herself to be more than worthy role model to aspiring gymnasts, tireless job searchers, and petty royalty alike. Not that she needed to prove anything, let’s be clear.

Back to Me

During this indeterminate break between college and career, I have realized that it’s important (and completely possible) to learn new things outside of a classroom environment. After all, most successful people inspire others with the moves they make beyond the office, lecture hall, or spring floor. In this instance, Biles highlights her accomplishments and admirable qualities on Instagram. Like a true champ, she exudes the confidence and self-awareness that every unemployed college graduate should hold in their heart! Let me tell you why:

In the past, I’ve had trouble with cover letters because it’s difficult for me to talk about myself and my accomplishments. If you’re thinking, well, she doesn’t seem to be having a problem with these blog posts–you’re right! Leaning into my inner Leo for this blog has been really helpful, as writing these posts has given me a venue for both self-expression and -reflection. But how is it any different from writing a cover letter?

It all goes back to my brand of perfectionism, and my tendency to view things in extremes. I see job applications as puzzles. It’s like there’s a perfect configuration of words that will portray me as THE best candidate of all time, and all I need to do is figure it out and put it on paper. In simple and exaggerated terms, my line of thinking then becomes, Oh no! I don’t have 14 World Championship medals in…Writing. And I’m not the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. What business do I have applying to this here internship? 

In the future, I’ll focus more on how to portray the best ME of all time, or something corny like that.

Now to You:

If the issue outlined above sounds familiar, my advice would be to take a page out of Simone Biles’ book. Become more aware of your accomplishments and what makes you unique. This might mean taking a short vacation, which is extremely important for recognizing your worth and promoting mental well-being. It could also mean writing an epic Ode to Yourself and later converting it into a cover letter. I guarantee that you don’t have to have five Olympic medals under your belt to find a job, and someday soon I’ll prove it.

Well, given that I don’t know any Olympic athletes personally, it’s safe to say that it has already been proven. But that doesn’t mean that you and I can’t join the list!



That concludes this Leo’s unsolicited advice of the day. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments.


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