New Moon in Libra: Day 1 of Cuffing Season


As a Leo, I might spend my entire life adjusting to the fact that the world doesn’t revolve around me. But in the meantime, I’d like to break down my astro-fever into transmittable germs of wisdom.

Today, I present to you a post-college course of my own design:

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My Little Pony Characters as Signs of the Zodiac

In early August, I began a contract job as a copywriter for Costume Supercenter, an online Halloween costume retailer. Along the way, I’ve grown a fondness for copywriting and inched closer to deciding on a career path that is right for me. Best of all, I’ve been catching up with what the tweens of tomorrow are watching today.

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Miami Carnival 2017: Taking the Plunge


Last Thursday’s full moon in Aries sought to imbue us with the courage to take risks and turn ideas into action. I spent the weekend celebrating Miami Broward Carnival with my cousins. At every step, I was guided and inspired by my cousin and host Stefanie Johnston, a natural hair stylist, salon owner, carnival entrepreneur— and an Aries herself.

She first attended Carnival in Trinidad shortly after opening her own salon and barber shop with her husband, Kieyn. “I remember looking at [my cousin] Nina and both of our faces were just in complete shock. We couldn’t believe it was really happening.”

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