Seeing Through the Fog: Seasonal Affective Disorder


Photo by: Matthew Henry

Halloween is one of those things that I’ve pretended to like because everyone else does. It excels as a reason to go out in clothes that defy the weather and your better judgment. But beyond that, the holiday is objectively terrible. It’s cold, for one. The sun is out, but you’re not getting anything from it. You might catch a few rays at lunch, but certainly not enough to download sufficient vitamins, or whatever.  And by the time you head home, there’s not a trace of light left.

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My Little Pony Characters as Signs of the Zodiac

In early August, I began a contract job as a copywriter for Costume Supercenter, an online Halloween costume retailer. Along the way, I’ve grown a fondness for copywriting and inched closer to deciding on a career path that is right for me. Best of all, I’ve been catching up with what the tweens of tomorrow are watching today.

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