Full Moon in Taurus: The Yoga Free Trial Challenge


There’s a yoga poster on the wall in my bedroom, left behind by it’s last tenant. I never bothered to take it down or even look at it until very recently. I moved into this apartment at the beginning of July, and I didn’t want to make it mine in any way. Partly because it’s a sublet, which by definition is not mine. But then on a deeper level, I wanted to believe this was all temporary. That’s what I had to believe. When I moved in four months ago, without a job or a clue¬†where to go next, I was sure one thing only: I didn’t like where I was. Theoretically I knew I wouldn’t be jobless forever, but at that point it was difficult to see the theoretical.

Now it’s November and I am somewhere else, though I sit and sleep in the same sublet. As funny as it is to say, I think I’ve changed a lot since living here. Maybe even grown.¬†

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