Miami Carnival 2017: Taking the Plunge


Last Thursday’s full moon in Aries sought to imbue us with the courage to take risks and turn ideas into action. I spent the weekend celebrating Miami Broward Carnival with my cousins. At every step, I was guided and inspired by my cousin and host Stefanie Johnston, a natural hair stylist, salon owner, carnival entrepreneur— and an Aries herself.

She first attended Carnival in Trinidad shortly after opening her own salon and barber shop with her husband, Kieyn. “I remember looking at [my cousin] Nina and both of our faces were just in complete shock. We couldn’t believe it was really happening.”

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How Simone Biles’ Vacation Improved My Job Search


Last weekend, American gymnast Simone Biles shared a photo at the beach on her personal Instagram account. The post offers a glimpse into the personal life of a public figure, and shows a light-hearted side that her fans are lucky to see:

resting beach face 🐚

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HOWEVER, someone had the nerve to criticize her for being a real person! One Instagram user commented with an unnecessary observation about how Biles spends her time. After being called “trash” and a “sucky ass role model,” the Olympic gold medalist replied with an epic response. She later posted the exchange on Twitter, along with the offending commenter’s username…

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Mall of America: A Midwestern Adventure

I spent this past week visiting my mother in Michisconsin, a term that I use out of love and not because I can’t tell the difference between the two. Together, we drove to Minnesota and spent 3 days visiting the Mall of America and the downtown Minneapolis area.

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